Thirty families established Floral City United Methodist Church in 1884.  Floral City was organized in 1883 with a population of around three hundred people. In early 1970, the congregation began to envision a new, larger church building with a sanctuary, class rooms, kitchen, fellowship hall, choir room, narthex, restrooms, and church offices.  They believed the Lord would provide. 

Throughout the 1970s, the congregation grew and the Holy Spirit worked in wonderful ways.  Worship services were packed and attendance was growing at church activities.  By 1974, regular weekly worship services were doubled in number to accommodate the expanding congregation.  The 1884 sanctuary was bulging at the seams, so a building fund was started for the new building. 

By 1980, the congregation had physically outgrown the seating capacity of the original 1884 church!  In 1982, construction for the new building began.  Enough money was raised to build our 6,747 square-foot structure without any outside financing – quite an accomplishment for this small band of Methodists.  They trusted the Lord to provide and He did!

By May of 1983, the new debt-free building stood stately and erect next to its predecessor, the original 1884 building, ready to continue to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in Floral City, Florida.  There were prayers and thanksgiving to celebrate this major milestone in the life of the church.  Thirty years later, we are still using this lovely building that came about through faith and love.  It has and will continue to serve as the Lord’s house for many years to come.