The energy and excitement of a New Year is charging through our church. We are welcoming back our winter residents, plus numerous visitors have attended both Sunday worship services. We will kick-off the 2015 community dinners ( known as the Chick’n and Biscuit Dinner) this month on Jan 31st tickets are still $7.50!

Our first Valentine’s Day Dinner will be held on Sat. Feb. 14th Valentines Day! We will be serving an authentic Italian dinner . Lasagna , salad , bread and desert. Tickets are $25.00 per person , advanced sales , limited seating. Treat your sweetheart to a special evening !!

Recently a friend was watching Sunday football when his peaceful afternoon was disrupted by loud noises and unknown objects pummeling his roof. The investigation identified the culprits – a multitude of small, brown birds, jumping from branch to branch, knocking pecans down. Pecans continued to rain down for the next half hour with the birds undeterred, even by an occasional scream from the home’s occupants. This football lover was awed by God’s creation – the tenacity, cohesion and purpose.

Those are the characteristics I see as people determine what God is calling them to do. Occasionally the noise may be deafening, but I believe God is at work in our lives and the energy is inviting and contagious to others. Join the buzz! It is much more fun jumping from branch to branch than being pummeled by a bunch of nuts.

Pastor Mary

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Last Modified: February 8, 2015

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